Marcus Tay became a Full-Time Professional Futures Trader in 2003, and is now spending quality time with his family, living life exactly the way he wants. Marcus is well liked for his down to earth, simple and humorous style and sought after for his in-depth knowledge of Price Movements, Trend Reading and Scalping. His trading success has gotten him invited to speak at several forums and trading clubs. He was featured speaker at Traders Fair Singapore October 2019 at Marina Bay Sands. His presented topic : Daytrading using the 10-Minute Rocket Method™.

Rocket Method™ ONLINE Trading Programme

Sep 18, 19 & Oct 2

Master the Skill of Income Generation with Rocket Method!

Trade S&P 500 Index Safely, Competently and Profitably

Having the Ability to Trade is a Skillset that can be Truly Financially Rewarding and Beneficial in these Uncertain Times.

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Master the Skill of Income Generation with

Rocket Method™ ONLINE Trading Programme @SGD$2,998.

6 months interest free installment plan is available with singapore POSB or DBS Bank CREDIT Card (visa/mastercard)

Note to students enrolling who are residing out of singapore. Your course manual will be couriered to you.

There will be a additional Shipping Courier Charge of SGD$35 for West Malaysia,

SGD$55 for Brunei, SGD$60 for Indonesia.

System Requirements : Windows 10/8

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Rocket Method™ Trades

within a 2 hour period!

EOD 10 Dec 2019

Thursday 22 July :  4 good signals out of 5 = 80%

Wednesday 21 July :  4 good signals out of 4 = 100%

Tuesday 20 July  :  7 good signals out of 7 = 100%

Monday 19 July  :  9 good signals out of 9 = 100%

Thursday 15 July :  7 good signals out of 8 = 88%

Wednesday 14 July :  6 good signals out of 7 = 86%

Monday 12 July  :  8 good signals out of 9 = 89%

Thursday 8 July :  4 good signals out of 4 = 100%

Tuesday 6 July  :  8 good signals out of 9 = 89%

Rocket Method™ Mentorship Programme Benefits

1.        Rocket Method™ High Speed Strategies
2.        Strategies Updates
3.        Personal and Group Coaching
4.        Lifetime Mentoring
5.        Trade Analysis
6.        Performance Tracking
7.        LIVE Chat
8.        Member’s Forum
9.        Email and Phone Support
10.      IT Support

DAY 1 and 2
- Master basics of Technical Analysis and Trend determination.
- Learn Support and Resistance and how to incorporate them into your trading.
- Learn other High Probability Rocket Method™ Strategies.
- Learn where to place Stop Losses.
- Use Random MOVING charts to internalize strategies.
- Learn to track your performance and improve your trading over time.

Day 3- Boot Camp (2 Weeks after the Course)
- Review strategies learnt during course
- Fine tune and optimize price techniques
            with moving charts
- Understand Your Own Personal Trading Psychology.ocket Method™

Here's what Sim & Wong who joined our Rocket Method™

Mentorship Programme

feel and experience with us

 Suitable for both beginners & current traders

Webinar Special

3 months VX Charts Subscription FREE Worth SGD$150!

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Why Rocket Method™ Is The Most Reliable Method That Brings Results...

  •  Use the Power of Leverage to maximize returns
  •  Systematic trading plan for trade entries execution 
  •  Risk management strategies to trade safely
  •  Trading Psychology Mindset for Long Term Success
  •  Support from Live Group Chat every trading session with Marcus 
  •  Multiple Trade Entries in 1-2 hours

Why emini S&P 500 Index Is Such An Awesome Instrument Of Choice That Brings Results...

  • Its Regulated. Fair and less chance for manipulation of S&P 500 Index. It is highly investible and transparent.
  • Liquidity. Top 5 Most Traded Indexes in the world. Average US$25 million traded daily. Liquidity means you can get in and out of positions easily at the price you want. 
  • Timing. Ideal for Singaporeans to trade part-time 9.30-11.30pm (Spore Time). 
  • It Is Profitable in Rising or Falling Markets. S&P 500 Index has good volatility and daily range so you can profit from any direction.
  • It's Easy to Start Online Trading. Easy to set up account. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

P/S: Space is limited and these trainings always fill up.

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