The ONLY Trading Programme in Singapore that Teaches

Volume Charts Rocket Method™

to Make Steady Profits

Safely & Profitably

Learn the Skill to

Beat Inflation & Rising Costs!

Rocket Method™ ONLINE

Trading Programme

Feb 24, 25 & Mar 2


Make Steady Profits

Safely & Profitably

Using Rocket Method™

with Stable S&P 500 Index

to Beat Inflation & Rising Costs

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Note to students enrolling who are residing out of singapore. Your course manual will be couriered to you.

There will be an additional Shipping Courier Charge of

SGD$38 for West Malaysia,

SGD$82 for Indonesia,

SGD$142.50 for Italy

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This Online Course is conducted in English.

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Rocket Method™

Mentorship Programme Benefits

3 Steps *REP* System

Learn To Pick these

Rocket Method™

High Probabilty Trades

within a 2 hour period!

EOD 10 Dec 2019

Thursday 12 Oct :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Tuesday 10 Oct :  5 good signals out of 6 = 83%

Thursday 5 Oct :  4 good signals out of 4 = 100%

Wednesday 4 Oct :  4 good signals out of 4 = 100%

Tuesday 3 Oct :  11 good signals out of 11 = 100%

Thursday 28 Sep :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Wednesday 27 Sep :  5 good signals out of 5 = 100%

Tuesday 26 Sep :  9 good signals out of 9 = 100%

Monday 25 Sep :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Thursday 21 Sep :  9 good signals out of 9 = 100%

Tuesday 19 Sep :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Thursday 14 Sep :  7 good signals out of 7 = 100%

Wednesday 13 Sep :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Tuesday 12 Sep :  7 good signals out of 8 = 88%

Wednesday 6 Sep :  6 good signals out of 7 = 86%

Tuesday 5 Sep :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Friday 1 Sep :  6 good signals out of 6 = 100%

Course Offer and Support:

1) 3 steps *REP* System
- Edge: 10 Rocket Method Strategies
- Risk Management to protect capital
- Psychology Mindset for lasting success

2) Lifetime Coaching Support by Marcus Tay & Team
- Direct Email Support
- Direct Tradelogs & Performance Support
- Personalized 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions (sessions can be Zoom recorded so you can rewatch, keep learning anytime and anywhere)
-​ Have Your Trading Related Enquiries Answered By Marcus Tay & Team

3) Lifetime Support from Tradelogs
- get your trade setups analysed and performance tracked by Marcus & Team

4) Lifetime Access to COPT Members LIVE Chat Group
- sharing of trades with other like minded traders
- engage in real time discussions of market analysis and insights by Marcus
- get your trade setups validated by Marcus, Team and senior members of community
- Marcus market insight & analysis
- current updates and copt community sharing
- revision of trading skills

5) Lifetime Access to COPT trading forum
- updates of the latest most updated information
- updates of new strategies

6) Lifetime Access to COPT Resources & Tools
- unlimited access to 10 Instructional Core Essentials video tutorials
- over 24 hours of valuable content
- Physical Hard Copy Course Manual (21 chapters, 171 pages) couriered to you
- All course slides of the 3 days online class will be given for continual learning

7) Vx Charts Platform
- Local Technical Support
- Ease use of software. Just click 1 button to get started.

8) Unlimited Re-attendance of Refresher Class
COPT trader members can re-attend the LIVE class at a nominal fee

Rocket Method™ Bonuses

Bonus #1

FREE 3 months

VX Charts Subscription

worth sgd$150

Bonus #2

10 Rocket Method™ Strategies

Quick Reference Guides

Bonus #3

Daily Action Plan

Bonus #4

Post Course 6 Steps Checklist

Bonus #5

Risk and Money Management spread sheet to protect capital

WEBINAR Special Bonuses Ends In


Rocket Method™ LIVE

Online Programme Curriculum

Here's What You'll Look Forward To Learn Over 3 DAYS Of LIVE Training:

DAY One (Getting Started)
9.00AM - 5.30PM (GMT +8:00)

Master Mental & Emotional States for Trading Success: Trading Psychology Part 1

Core Essentials : Oscillations
Core Essentials : Trend
Core Essentials : Entry Method and Stop Loss Placement

Discover How to Accurately Time your Entry and Exit in the Marketplace

Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 1 : TSS
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 2 : SLO
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 3 : LS

8.30AM - 5.30PM (GMT +8:00)

Core Essentials Recap and Q & A session

Understanding the Vital Relationship between different time frame charts
Learn When to Get In and How to Get Out of a Trade

Core Essentials : Continuous Divergence
Core Essentials : Reverse Divergence

Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 4 : 5
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 5 : LSD

Platform: Introduction to COP trading Environment

Application of all the trading Strategies guided by the trainer with moving charts

Technical: Using Vx Charts and Broker's Platform

Equipped Technically for Trading Chart Set Up

DAY Three
8.30AM - 5.00PM (GMT +8:00)

Master Mental & Emotional States for Trading Success: Trading Psychology Part 2
Trading is a Probability Process
Achieve Compounding Results with the Right Habits
The Importance of A Trading Plan
How to Manage Your Emotions in the Market to Give You the Winning Edge
Mindset of Winning Profitable Traders
Wealth Conditioning

Core Essentials Recap and Q & A session

Fine tune and optimize entry techniques

Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 6 : SLC
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 7 : AOS
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 8 : B56
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 9 : GTR
Rocket Method™ Trading Strategy 10 : GMU

Master Strategic Risk vs Reward (Money Management)

How is Rocket Method™ ONLINE Course

Different from Others

and Why You Should Learn It!

  • 3 Steps *REP* System. Risk management strategies to protect capital. Edge providing high probability trade entries. Winner's Psychology for long term success.
  • Easy to Learn - 10 Trading Strategies, usually an average of 5 to 15 mins per trade to take your profit. Easy to identify entries based on colour changes and highs and lows.
  • Multiple Trading Signals & Opportunities made possible with *Volume Charts*.
  • Easy to Start with Demo account to do simulated trading safely without risking real money.
  • Easy to Use customized VX charts trading software with just 1 click of the mouse.
  • Lifetime Support from Live Group Chat every trading session with Marcus 
  • Daily Live Chat room to get your Questions Answered Immediately!
  • Trade log assessment to ensure you are on the right track
  • Invaluable students Meet up in small groups or 1 to 1 for Coaching. No meet up fees.
  • NO yearly members fee / mentorship fee / advanced trading course fee.
  • Local Support - technical, phone, email & forum.
  • New & Updated Strategies ABSOLUTELY FREE for members.
  • Small Class of 25 students for Optimal Learning. 

Why emini S&P 500 Index Is Such An Awesome Instrument Of Choice That Brings Results...

  • Its Regulated. Fair and less chance for manipulation of S&P 500 Index. It is highly investible and transparent.
  • Liquidity. Top 5 Most Traded Indexes in the world. Average US$25 million traded daily. Liquidity means you can get in and out of positions easily at the price you want. 
  • Timing. Ideal for Singaporeans to trade part-time 9.30-11.30pm (Spore Time). 
  • It Is Profitable in Rising or Falling Markets. S&P 500 Index has good volatility and daily range so you can profit from any direction.
  • It's Easy to Start Online Trading. Easy to set up account. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

P/S: Space is limited and these trainings always fill up.

Do Sign Up Early to avoid any disappointment!

Here's what Sim & Wong who joined our Rocket Method™

Mentorship Programme

feel and experience with us


faq1 : I have never traded before, is it difficult?

Our programme is designed to cater to both experienced and new traders. We teach everything from the ground up and no prior trading experience is needed for anyone to learn the Rocket Method. The system is broken down into very manageable bite size sections and we will make sure that everyone is up to speed before we move on to the next stage.

faq2 : I am no good at computers, is it difficult to set up the system

and use Vx Charts?

No special computer skill is needed! As long as you know how to turn on your computer, launch software, you are good to go. The trading apps are easy to use and we will have a 4 hour hands on step by step session on Day 2 of our programme to orientate you around the apps. There are also video tutorials and write ups for you to refer to. If all else fails, there is also local helpdesk support to make sure you get all the assistance you need.


faq3 : What is the computer system requirement?

Minimum system requirement to run Vx Charts is Windows 11/10/8

faq4 : Other than learning the strategies, what else do I need?

The importance of discipline to follow rules. We dedicate a good amount of our training in imparting trading psychology for long term success and good money management to protect capital.

faq5 : Is there any advanced course?

No. We do not believe in upselling any advance course. Everything you need will be covered in our Rocket Method 3 day programme. And if we come up with new strategies or refinement, we will share it at no extra cost to you. That is a guarantee.

faq6 : Can I use the method to trade other markets?

Yes. Some of our members have applied the Rocket Method to other markets with success.

faq7 : Must I trade the full 2 hours every night?

You do not have to trade the full 2 hours daily. We trade with a daily target in mind. If your signal came early and you hit your objective, call it a day.

faq8 : How many trade can one take a night?

Typically a trader will take 2 to 3 trades per night.

faq9 : Do you have a record of the performance of your strategies?

Yes! Marcus plots all entries in real time and posts the daily End of Day tally of all valid trades after each trading session. You can visit our Facebook page at  and all the signals over the years can be found there.

faq10 : Which broker do you use? And why do you use this broker?

We use Cannon Trading Brokerage. They are based in the USA and regulated by the SEC. We use them because of the low commission and good service. We do not use Singapore based brokers because the commission is too high and it would greatly increase the cost of business as individual Day Traders.

faq11 : Is my money safe with the broker?

Yes. Your trading account is a segregated account which means that your capital is separated from the broker’s operational funds and that ensures the safety and security of your money since it prevents brokers from misusing their customer’s funds. This also means that your funds are easier to be identified when the brokerage company loses its right to control, manage, or transfer its assets due to bankruptcy.

Marcus Tay became a Full-Time Professional Futures Trader in 2003, and is now spending quality time with his family, living life exactly the way he wants.

Marcus is well liked for his down to earth, simple and humorous style and sought after for his in-depth knowledge of Price Movements, Trend Reading and Scalping.

His trading success has gotten him invited to speak at multiple forums and trading clubs.

He was featured speaker at Traders Fair Singapore October 2019 at Marina Bay Sands.

His presented topic : Daytrading using the 10-Minute Rocket Method™.

Concept Of Price has a community of 1800 members.

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